Superman Fan & Collectors Convention of Hawaii

Q: Do you sell merchandise at the events? / Am I able to sell Superman merchandise at your event?

A: Currently, no, but we're working on it. We agree that Superman related merchandise should be available for the fans to purchase and are working on just such a plan. Once we get the approval from our hosting facility we'll send out notices to those on our mailing list and post the information on this website. In the meantime, there are prize drawings at the events which could WIN you a Superman related item.

Q: Are you planning on showing the extended version of Superman: The Movie again?

A: Yes! In the future we will show that special version again. In the meantime, we are making every effort to show different media incarnations of Superman at each event.

Q: Why isn't Tom Welling of "Smallville" included in your Superman Portrayals listing?

A: The "Smallville" television series has adopted the "no flights, no tights" rule from its conception. Until Tom Welling puts on the Super-suit and actually portrays "Superman" (which may, or may not, happen in the final episode) the listing will not be included.

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