Superman Fan & Collectors Convention of Hawaii

2004 HAWAII SUPERMAN EVENT: Loaded with fans, fun, prizes, and SuperTwins!

What a Super day! As fans and friends arrived they were all treated to a free collectible Superman comicbook. originally promoted that free comicbooks would be given away to the first 10 people through the door. The generous folks at The Last Sanctuary on Kapiolani Boulevard, however, tripled the donation to 30 comics! Guests also received either a free Smallville Season 2 trading card pack or promo card courtesy of the wonderful people at Inkworks!

After some news, fan introduction and the event's first animated presentation of Superman: The Last Son of Krypton, fans took a break and gathered outside for a group photo. As everyone met each other they looked at the Metropolis, Illinois Superman Celebration photo album and took some pamphlets from the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation (CRPF).

After the break part one of the Superman Prize Drawing took place. The first prize was a second edition Superman Belly Washer which went to an 11 year old fan. The second prize, a Matchbox Superman Dodge Viper, was won by Peter Tanaka (pictured). The next prize was a Justice League Mission Vision Superman action figure which was won by David Bourbois who came to us all the way from Texas with his wife Carmen Bourbois who ironically won the last prize in part one of the drawing... a complete set of 8 comics featuring the storyline "Funeral for a Friend" courtesy of Kollectable Treasures in the Aiea Shopping Center.

After watching the second feature "Justice League", even more guests arrived and it was time for the second part of the prize drawings! Napua Ahina won a new Hot Wheels Superman Monster Truck. The sixth prize of the day, a DC Direct Smallville Clark Kent action figure, went to our first SuperTwin Johnathan Epstein. prize number seven was a Superman II DVD won by a happy fan. The last prize in part two was a Justice League Batman/Superman action figure combo pack that went to Sebastian Arnes (pictured).

The next surprise cartoon was an episode of Challenge of the Super Friends in honor of the late Danny Dark who portrayed Superman throughout the series. Then the highly anticipated third series of prize giveaways began! The 9th prize of the day was an official 2004 Smallville yearbook (loaded with exclusive photos and interviews from the hit WB series) that was won by our next SuperTwin A.J. Epstein. A Superman Radio Scripts book was won by returning Superman fan Sale Maika, Jr. One of our other returning fans, 5 year old Sydney Millerd, won an Action Comics T-Shirt. According to her dad, Edward Millerd, thanks to the Hawaii convention Sydney has started a collection of Superman memorabilia and brought some of them with her to show other fans. The day's next prize was a 17 inch plush Superman figure won by young Samuel Epstein. The second to the last prize of the day was a Smallville trading card binder compliments, once again, of the tremendously gracious people at Inkworks. The lucky winner was the returning Myron Siu who sported a cool Bizzaro shirt. The final prize of the day was the anticipated Superman Prize Pack that was filled with goodies including a Smallville novel, a DC HeroClix booster pack, a Superman action figure, a Metropolis Illinois Superman sport cap, and a Daily Planet T-Shirt. The winners were the parents of SuperTwins Johnathan and A.J. Epstein who generously gave it to their sons (pictured).

A special thanks goes out to the generous folks at Inkworks, The Last Sanctuary, and Kollectable Treasures. Also... thank you to everyone who attended!! It was truly amazing that our attendance more than doubled that of last year's event! Each and every one of you helped to make SFCCH 5 the most memorable one yet! If you didn't make it to this event don't worry... the 2005 Superman Fan & Collectors Convention is already in the works! Send us an e-mail and keep updated on the details when they become available!


Guests arrive.

Associate Coordinator Steven Kanzaki.

Peter Tanaka and the Dodge Viper.

David Bourbois wins a Superman action figure.

Carmen Bourbois and a Superman comicbook set.

Napua Ahina wins a Hot Wheels Monster Truck.

Smallville Clark Kent action figure won by Johnathan Epstein.

A Justice League figure combo pack goes to Sebastian Arnes.

AJ Epstein wins a Smallville Yearbook.

Sale Maika, Jr. wins a Superman Radio Scripts book.

Sydney Millerd and her Action Comics T-Shirt.

Samuel Epstein wins a Superman plush figure.

Myron Siu wins a Smallville Trading Card Binder.

Mr. and Mrs. Epstein give their Superman Prize Pack to the SuperTwins!

Guests watch the features.

Watching the highlight reel.

The SuperTwins!

Some of the first guests and organizers of SFCCH 5.

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