Superman Fan & Collectors Convention of Hawaii


Not many people know that there is actually a place called Metropolis. It's a small town located at the southernmost tip of Illinois along the Ohio river. The town is nicknamed "The Home of Superman" and for no small reasons. Every second weekend in June the Superman Celebration is held there. Diehard fans travel for miles to meet Superman artists, movie and television stars as well as visit the SuperMuseum which houses thousands of Superman memorabilia. Any Superman fan who attends will tell you... it's the greatest time you'll ever have!


Other than in Metropolis, there are no real means for Superman fans to get together in their own respective states. After occasionally encountering fellow Superman fans and collectors in Hawaii it became evident that there needed to be an event to bring them together.


In 1998, on the 60th Anniversary of Superman, it was this concept that set the wheels in motion to form a Hawaii based gathering of fans of the Man of Steel. On January 12th, 2002 the Superman Fan & Collectors Convention of Hawaii hosted its first event. The times and location of each event are announced on posters, flyers, at local comic book shops, various restaurants, stores, and on this website before the events occur. Attendees and/or members will be notified via e-mail and are given updates along the way. During a convention fans can watch Superman movies, television shows and/or specials, meet other local fans and collectors, and share their knowledge of the character with those who can understand and relate. Each event is open to all ages!

If you or someone you know is interested in attending these events please e-mail us at:

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