Superman Fan & Collectors Convention of Hawaii

"Hello, Lois Lane here, reporter for the Daily Planet. I wanted to wish every visitor to this site a wonderful experience at the upcoming Hawaii Superman Convention in July. I have heard from so many fans from Hawaii over the past five decades, and I never tire of reading their warm and heartfelt words. I sincerely look forward to perhaps visiting the islands again in the not-too-distant future. Hope to see you then!"

Noel Neill
"LOIS LANE" from the Superman Serials and The Adventures of Superman television series

"Hello to all the Superman fans... Marc McClure here. I was told about your website... Best Wishes."

Marc McClure
JIMMY OLSEN from the Superman and Supergirl movies

"I wish you and the Superman fans at the Hawaii convention my Super best regards and have a great time."

Bob Holiday
SUPERMAN from the 1966 Broadway Musical
"It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Superman!"

"Hiya, Supes Fans of Hawaii!

Went to sign the Guest-Book but it was down for the moment!

VERY cool to see folks meeting and greeting in the Man of Steel's name in my FAVORITE place to be!

Been to Hawaii 3 times so far... more to come!

Anyways... DO have fun at your next gathering without me 'Sniff!'..."

Mike Carlin
Vice President-Executive Editor
DC Comics, Inc.

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